Best Care Tips for Your Favorite Flannel Bedding

Flannel bedding used every day in winter, it provides us with a comfortable sleep and greatly improves our living environment. We also need to pay attention to the daily maintenance of bedding after use, which is also very helpful to prolong the life of bedding. Let’s introduce how to maintain bedding.

The cleaning and maintenance of bedding should be done once every 1-2 weeks, both hand and machine washable. Bed sheet set are made from a variety of materials, and different materials have different cleaning methods. Flannel bedding recommended to use neutral detergent for washing flannel bedding, bleach contains chloride, which will damage the material of the fabric and cause the fabric to turn yellow. Share the following care tips:

1. Do not rub too vigorously when washing by hand, so as not to cause deformation of the bedding and affect the size. If machine washing, it should not be dehydrated forlong time.

2. It is best towash in cold water or washing at a water temperature not exceeding 40 degrees to maintain the color of the bedding.

3. Do not use strong alkaline detergents. Except for white fabrics, it is best not to use detergents containing bleaching ingredients for other colorto avoid fading and affect the appearance.

4. Turn the inner layer over, soak for a while, and wash by hand to avoid damaging the bedding.

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