Bed base cover, decorate your bed and life

Bed Base Cover, also called Box Spring Cover. It is a decorative piece of fabric placed between the mattress and box spring. It wraps the bed frame and it’s another good way to add a touch of color to your bed. Many hotels regularly change their bedspreads to make the room look new.

Conventional bed base cover come in three styles:

  1. Only four sides wrapped

Two rounds of elastic band on the top and bottom, only wrapped around the side of the bed base.

Characters: Easy to install and affordable.

  1. Top and four sides wrapped

We suggest using cheap fabrics on the top, such as non-woven fabrics, and jacquard fabrics that enhance the aesthetics on the sides.

Characters: Reduce the friction between mattress and bed base, increase the aesthetics.

  1. Six sides wrapped

We suggest placing the zipper on top.

Characters: Easy to take on and take off, it does not need to remove the whole mattress and can reduce the dust falling from the mattress to the floor.

Convenience & Protection: The elastic and wrinkle-free fabric makes the box spring cover easy to install and clean. It perfectly wrapped around the mattress to prevent your mattress from being damaged or dirty, and it decorates your life by making your bed more colorful.

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