Bamboo Mattress Makes You Feel Like Sleeping in Nature

Luxurious and gloriously green, Spring’s natural bamboo mattress uses organic soft touch bamboo fabric and has an inner core comprised of bamboo fiber, bonded with natural latex, which provides a naturally springy feel whilst being extremely resilient, durable and breathable. This is topped with soft and luxurious bamboo kniited that regulates body temperature and moisture for maximum comfort as well as being naturally hypoallergenic bamboo fabric cover is derived from 100% bamboo fibre knitted together which is eco-friendly and highly renewable. This fabric is not only softer, more breathable and absorbent than cotton but is also tough on bacteria and odours due to its natural antibacterial properties providing a prefect night’s sleep and peace of mind.

  • Inner core made up of extremely durable & breathable bamboo fiber which is eco-friendly and degradable;
  • Inner core is wrapped with non-woven fabric which is anti-dust mite;
  • Soft touch organic bamboo knitted jacquard zipped removable cover helps to regulate body temperature;
  • Cover is tough on bacteria & odours due to its natural properties.

Mattress: 35D bamboo fiber

Mattress Case: non-woven

Mattress protector: bamboo knitted jacquard

Finishing: zipper design, different heights can be designed according to requirements

The concentration of negative ions in bamboo fiber is as high as 6000/cm². It can improve the microcirculation and blood flow of the human body, activate tissue cells, effectively regulate the nervous system, make the human body produce a warming effect to improve sleep quality.

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