Advantages of Zipper-off Quilted Mattress Encasement

The cold winter is coming, the first thing that comes to my mind is to put on a soft mattress cover. Today I recommend a removable quilted mattress encasement to you.


Top side: 75gsm microfiber + 100gsm polyester filling + 20gsm non-woven + 0.02mm PU

Other sides: 75gsm polyester jersey + 0.02mm PU

Makeup: over lock edge inside


  • Six sides water & dust mite proof – 6-sided protection with high performance TPU to fully protect your mattress.
  • Top removable -360° 4-sided zipper-off top for easy laundering. Say goodbye to heavy duty of removing and installation.
  • Super soft – microfiber filling top layer to provide softness and extra resilience.
  • Sleep in silence – provide you a restful sleep andsay goodbye to noise.

This mattress encasement uses a 360°zipper that perfectly solves the inconvenience of detachment. It not only saves operating time and energy, but also avoids unnecessary bottom cleaning every time. This bed bug encasement is very popular in hotel.

Learn more: Or Spring Home textile video channel: Also can contact Tina at: [email protected] to learn more about the green bags we have available.

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