Why Do I Need a Bed Cover?

We sleep on bed every night, but you can’t clean them like you might think. Then use a waterproof and dust-proof bed cover, simply put it on the backrest, it can be placed at will, and it is easy to clean. Bed cover are a great way to protect mattresses and are used to prevent dust mites and stains from entering our mattresses. They are water resistant and can also give a room a new look!

Keeps your bed cleaner. From invading the mattress. As your first line of defense, a bed cover will get the brunt of the dirt from your body  and hair instead of it building up on the bed and mattress—this extends the time between bed clean. When you go out, the bed cover can protect your bed very well, preventing dust, mites, waterproof, etc.

Blocks out allergens. Bed cover are made with soft knitted fabric to keep dander and dust out of the bed to prevent allergens. Because bed covers are completely machine washable in hot water and dryer safe, your bed and mattress will remain allergen free.

Assurance against bed bugs. While bed bugs are not as big of a problem with mattress, having a little extra security is nice—especially when you’re travelling,it is also very convenient to carry the waterproof and dust-proof bed cover.

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