Why Choose Organic Cotton?

What Is Organic Cotton?
According to the Organic Trade Association, organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides or fertilizers. Methods such as beneficial insect releases, strip cutting of alfalfa and new weeding machinery help reduce the environmental impact of cotton crops. Third-party organizations certify that organic cotton farms use only these approved methods and do not spray toxic chemicals on their crops.

What’s the Difference Between Organic Cotton and Regular Cotton?
The most notable difference between organic cotton and regular cotton is that the cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides. Traditional cotton is accountable for almost 25% of all chemical pesticides used in agriculture, and nearly 50% of the textile market uses cotton, which means a LOT of chemicals are seeping into our earth! Inevitably over time this increases green house gases and the likelihood of contamination of the same soil that may grow our children’s, children’s vegetables. We think that is a BIG deal.

Besides helping the environment, there are other benefits from organic cotton products. Working environments are better for those on farms and small-scale farmers save money by not having to buy large amount of pesticides. Consumers benefit too, organic cotton is softer, hypoallergenic, and last for a long time.

What’s the Benefit of Choosing Organic Cotton?

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Hypoallergenic – ideal for sensitive skin
  • Natural, chemical-free production process
  • Safer for your body and the planet
  • Production uses less water
  • Reduces use of toxic chemicals on crops
  • Encourages biodiversity by using sustainable farming practices
  • Prevents groundwater contamination from pesticide use

The demand for organic cotton products keeps growing as more people become aware of their benefits. To find out more about our organic cotton bedding manufacturer information, please visit our official blog: www.springtextile.com/blogs/ or or Spring Hometextile video channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCMCz-yKQMYxA1e2Uscw5PHw.

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