What is a sanded fabric?   

Sanded fabric is a kind of fabric with excellent warmth and comfort, which is very suitable for autumn and winter. Some people will treat sanded as a fabric, and some people will simply understand sanded as pure cotton, which is wrong. Sanding is just a post-treatment process, the cloth is rubbed with the emery skin through a sanding machine to make the surface of the fabric have a layer of short fluff.

There are many types of sanding, such as ordinary sanding, water sanding, carbon water brushing, etc. As well as sand skin sanding, such as all-polyester velvet, peach skin, and cotton Italian velvet.

So what are the characteristics of sanded fabric?

1. Soft and thick. Through constant friction, the fabric becomes very soft.

2. It is not easy to pilling. The unique sanding process completely removes the friction caused by wearing clothes and washing clothes in the production process. This is an innovation in the production process and a new variety.

3. The degree of simulation is very high. We add polyurethane emulsion to the fabric formed, and then go through a new round of sanding, which can make the surface of the fabric form an artificial leather feel with a simulation effect.

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