The Benefits of Sleeping Duvets in Summer

The duvet is light and warm, which is something everyone knows. But in the summer, I recommend you to wear a duvet, does it feel abnormal?  The two things Chinese people like to do most in summer: playing on the air conditioner and sleeping on the mat. In fact, it is not the deep body temperature that is lowered, but the skin temperature, which does not really cool you down. Maybe you don’t know that the summer duvet has a cloud-like light and non-greasy body feeling. After sleeping, you will find duvets and air conditioning It is the perfect match for summer!

Therefore, the essence of summer sleep is: to ensure warm hands and feet, but also to ensure that the deep body temperature drops. Among all the materials, is there any breathable and warm material? The duvet!

Down is a three-dimensional spherical fiber, which is filled with a lot of still air, which can shrink and expand with temperature changes, produce temperature regulation and moisture absorption functions, and let the body stretch safely without weight burden. The warmth of down mainly depends on its spherical fibers densely packed with thousands of small triangular pores, which can shrink and expand according to temperature changes, produce a temperature adjustment function, absorb the flowing heat of the human body, and achieve the effect of isolating the outside cold air.

In the air-conditioned summer, hug a duvet to sleep!!

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