What Fabric is the Most Comfortable in Summer? -Tencel!

Whether it’s summer, autumn or winter, we can hear tencel fabric. Tencels used in summer are generally fabrics of 40, 60, and 80 counts. They will not be sanded in the later stage, and are basically used in four-piece suits and summer quilt fabrics.

Tencel is made of natural cellulose, which is green and environmentally friendly and degradable; it has better moisture absorption and air permeability than other chemical fibers and natural fibers; it feels cooler and has better thermal conductivity than other fibers, and is similar to silk. Therefore, four-piece quilts are often used for summer cooling. Silk; The material is silky and smooth, and the drape of the fabric is very good, suitable for consumers who like smoothness.

Why tencel more comfortable, cool and smooth?

Breathable fabric: Nano-fibril structure creates superior humidity control ability, thoroughly absorbs moisture and releases moisture quickly. The water absorption capacity of Tencel is twice that of cotton.

Silky touch: tencel’s surface structure is smoother and fuller than wool and cotton fiber surfaces. It has no irritation to human skin and has excellent skin-friendliness. At the same time, Tencel has no chemicals added, creating a healthy skin environment. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Tencel has an excellent moisture absorption speed and capacity, which directly absorbs sweat into the fiber molecules, and a dry environment effectively reduces bacterial growth.

Because of its cool and smooth characteristics, Tencel fabrics play an important role in summer cool products!

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