The Best Bed Cover for People With Allergies

Cleaning the bedroom is a very tedious job, especially cleaning the mattress and the backrest of the bed. The mattress is very easy to accumulate dust breed mites and bacteria. Although we often clean the bedroom, dust is still thrown around us. But when we have a bed cover that is not only dust-proof but also waterproof, it will bring a lot of convenience to life.

Many people are very unfamiliar with dust-proof bed cover, can’t tell the difference between a bed cover and a bed sheet. Bedcover is one of the textiles used in the bed, people are used to putting the bed cover on the bed, generally we are common on both sides of the curtain and the middle cover the bed style. The main function of the dust-proof bed cover is to prevent the sheet from being dusted. With the dust cover, it is very convenient when you are on a business trip or traveling. Here are some reason for choosing spring home textile dust cover:

  1. Laminated with PU, 100% waterproof, dust-proof, breathable.
  2. Anti-mite and bed bug proof, suitable for people with allergies.
  3. Eco-friendly knitted fabric, soft, durable and comfortable.
  4. The design of a box-shaped bed cover can conceal the bed’s structure and items stored  underneath, making the room looks new.
  5. Integrated design, all-round dust-proof.
  6. Easy care-machine washable.

If you are interested in our dust-proof bed cover, please contact us.

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