The New Fabric—- Smartkool®


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Today I wish like to briefly introduce the technology that goes into creating Smartkool® temperature-regulating bedding. All of our Smartkool® bedding is made using special Cool Technology. This technology was first developed by NASA to keep astronauts cool during space travel. Then late the technology was further … Continue reading

Keeping Cool on Hot Summer Nights


Summer is coming, Our Smartkool® bedding collection will certainly keep you cool – it even feels cold and comfortable to the touch. These cooling mattress protector and pillow protector are waterproof ,machine washable and dryer friendly. Our unique Smartkool® fabric … Continue reading

How We Classified The Fabric of Our Products 【Part 3】


We use different fabrics to produce different products. Usually, we divides fabrics according to their functions and components. Today I will introduce the fabric we called Smartkool®. Smartkool® Traditionally, cooling fabric has been achieved using chemicals that wick away sweat, keeping … Continue reading

Introducing Tencel Mattress Protector


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TENCEL®, as 100% natural material, has been favored and widely welcomed by market. Best Moisture Management As a moisture management fiber, TENCEL® fibers are 50% more absorbent than cotton, helps create an optimal skin climate due to the superior moisture absorption. Softer … Continue reading