Precautions Cleaning Summer Quilt

Last week we talked about how to clean the summer quilt, and today we talk about precautions. According to statistics, people’s normal perspiration volume is 600~700ml 24 hours a day, and more in summer, sweat is easily absorbed by the bedding, especially the quilt, because it is filled, it should be cleaned regularly. Pay attention to the following three points:

1 Do not dry clean

Dry cleaning is not recommended. Dry cleaning will add dry cleaning agents to damage fibers, especially natural fibers. Ordinary dry cleaning agents are toxic substances and are very harmful in contact with the skin, so washing with water is more suitable.

2 Control time

The soaking time before cleaning should not be too long, try to use mild and neutral detergent. It is best to control the cleaning time within half an hour to prevent the fabric from getting worse and the fibers to form agglomerates. Strong washing time is long, the fabric becomes rough, and the filler is also easily damaged because of its thinness.

3 Do not expose to the sun

When drying the summer quilt, it is recommended to reverse the summer quilt to the back without printing, and not to expose it directly to the sun. It should be dried in a ventilated place.

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