Introducing Smartkool® (Part 1)

What is Smartkool®?

Smartkool® is a Spring registered trademark for cooling bedding product collection. By takng the best use of diverse cooling material, Smartkool® cooling products are featured with:

  • instant cool to the touch
  • anti crease
  • quick dry
  • easy care

Smartkool® bedding collection includes: pillows, duvets, mattress topper, mattress protector, pillow protectors.

How does it cool?

It’s all about heat conduction!

Smartkool® fabrics derives its cooling function from its special cooling yarns that mixing with heat conduction material—mica or polyethylene.

With high lever of crystallinity and molecular mass, UHMWPE yarn has better temperature conductivity, which can quickly transfer heat and realize ultra cooling effect.

A fresh and comfort night comes with Smartkool®

More details of SMmartkool®, please follow our blog. Or contact me to send you informations.

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