Insomnia? Stiff Neck? Maybe the Pillow is Not Chosen Well

A good pillow can not only help us improve the quality of sleep but also effectively improve cervical discomfort. The memory fiber pillow is such a good pillow.

Memory fiber pillow is a kind of pillow made of slow recovery material. Although it is called memory pillow, it does not have the function of enhancing human memory. The reason why it is called memory pillow is because after long-term use, the pillow will automatically form the shape of cervical vertebra.

1.relieve the pressure

When we use ordinary pillows, we often experience the phenomenon of pressing the auricle. But when using the memory pillow, the head and neck are very evenly stressed, and there is no pressure, and there is a feeling of floating on the water.

2.Memory deformation

The memory pillow has the ability to automatically shape, which can help fix the head and reduce  the possibility of stiff neck. It can also properly fill the shoulder gap, avoid the air leakage at the shoulder, and effectively prevent cervical problems. Usually, the butterfly pillow fits the shoulder and neck better.

3.Anti-bacterial and anti-mite

Slow rebound sponge can effectively inhibit the growth of mold, and at the same time, it can also repel the pungent odor caused by mold reproduction. When there is sweat or saliva on the pillow, the antibacterial effect will be more prominent.

4.Hygroscopic and breathable

The shape of the memory foam is similar to that of a sponge. Each cell unit is connected to each other, and it has good moisture absorption and air permeability. However, it should be noted that the memory foam cannot be wetted or exposed to sunlight.

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