Frequently Questions About Copper Infused Fabrics – Part 1

In recent months, many readers left messages on our website, asking questions about the performance of copper infused fabrics. So, I collected some frequently asked questions about copper infused fabrics to answer them one by one. The article is very long, I will divide it into two chapters, please read it patiently. Hope you got something out of these two blogs.

Have your fabrics ever been known to be Antibacterial?

Hundreds of journals over the last couple of years have caught on to what copper can do. There are hundreds of medical journals from around the world that now champion copper fabrics and copper coatings for exactly what they are meant to do, to eradicate bacteria, viruses, and fungi within minutes.

How can copper fabric be more effective than copper metal at destroying coronavirus?

In a copper surfaces the copper ions/atoms are touching each other, on specially engineered fabrics like ours we leave nano gaps, Spaced, shaped and placed Copper ions. If a microbe of any description falls or lands on the fabric the copper electrons go into schizophrenic mode and there is no virus or bacteria that can survive, it is the equivalent of you walking into a 750v fence with your arms out in front of you, there is no escape.

Do copper infused products feel rough or stiff?

In our opinion you can not tell the difference between everyday, cotton socks, bedding, pyjamas, underwear etc and our copper infused products.

We have stated that copper is antimicrobial, what does that mean?

Copper effectively kills a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria and fungus, this is due to exposure from the copper ions that are emitted from the fabric. These penetrate the harmful bacteria/fungus that can cause foot odour, bacterial and fungal infections leaving compromised skin infection free.

How do I care for my copper infused product?

Each garment can be cared for as you would any normal equivelant, the only exception is do not use bleach or fabric conditioners as this will reduce the effectiveness of your product.

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