Disposable Vs Washable Puppy Pads

Basically, there are 2 kinds of puppy pads. If you are house training a puppy, you may want to learn about the differences and find out which dog pee pads are better for your Puppy and which one is much more cost effective.

Disposable Puppy pads vs Washable. Now I know what you are thinking! well you need to read on to find out, why and which one is proven to be a better choice.
Let the facts speak for themselves.

What are the Pros and Cons

  •    Which kind of pee pad will help your puppy be more successful?
  •    Which dog pad will do the job and save you money?
  •    What is the good, the bad and the ugly regarding each pad?



1. Reuse again and again saving you money.
2. Can not be shred by puppies.
3. Doesn’t move around, making it easier for puppy.
4. Machine Washable. Most over 250 times.
5. Holds more liquid.
6. Helps environment by reducing waste in landfills.


Just pickup and throw away.



1. Can get stinky if not washed in a timely manner. (avoidable)
2. Initial cost a bit higher.


1. Cannot Reuse.
2. Can easily be shred and chewed on.
3. Moves around easily.
4. Cannot be washed.
5. Cannot hold as much liquid as washable.
6. Hurts environment, end up in landfills.

Conclusion, from the facts above it looks like washable potty pads are the smartest way to go because they are the most cost effective, Eco-Friendly and most puppy friendly too.

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