Difference Between Sleep Sack And Swaddle Blanket

It seems like everyone has different advice about parenting, doesn’t it? New parents often ask what the difference is between using a sleep sack vs. a swaddle.

What Are Swaddles?

A swaddle is a thin blanket used to wrap up your little one like a burrito and simulate the womb experience by keeping your infant snug. The babies’ automatic reflex occurs in infants as they adjust to all of their new stimuli, and it’s often a twitch that causes baby to throw their hands in the air. Swaddling helps to suppress this reflex, allowing your newborn to sleep longer and more soundly.

What Are Sleep Sacks?

A sleep sack is a wearable blanket. It have features that allow it to be used as a swaddle, most often the hands and arms are free and the baby’s torso, legs, and feet are housed in the sack. They’re simpler to use, can be used for older babies, also easily modified for diaper changes.

Difference – Sleep Sacks vs. Swaddles

The most obvious difference is that a swaddle is a blanket meant to entirely wrap the baby and restrict the movement of the arms and legs, while a sleep sack goes beyond a simple blanket. You could think of it like a pair of pajamas without legs. Instead, you put your little one in a bag with a zippered front and either sleeves or armholes.

Swaddles are meant for newborns and infants, but they shouldn’t be used after a baby can roll over on her own. The reason is that the restricted limb movement means that your child could suffocate if she/he rolls on the tummy. Sleep sacks can be used up until toddler age. They allow the child to move their arms freely, though their legs are still somewhat confined.

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