Cotton Price Rises, China Continues To Cuts Down Stocks

According to International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC), cotton stocks fell 15 percent to less than 20 million tons globally this season. Cotton production is expected to decease a further 7 percent to 17.8 million tons due to China’s cut down of its stocks. By the end of this season, China cotton stocks are expected to fell 15 percent to less than million tons.

china-cotton-newsChina will shell out more of its cotton stocks in the coming year

As the largest cotton stocking country in the world, China continues to cut down its reserves this year. Required by China World Trade Organization Commitments, Chinese government restricted cotton imports.


On the other end, the largest cotton producer, India, will remain its first spot by output 5.8 million tons for the coming year. Meanwhile, China will fell to 4.6 million tons. and U.S. will tick up to 3.5 million tons.

Cotton prices are predicted to rise to 74 cents in the coming season.

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