Copper Infused Cotton Bedding —— Your First Layer of Defense

On the basis of copper infused products, we also introduced copper infused cotton fiber bedding , by combining the natural performance of Cotton.  We’ve brought cotton to the higher leve. We’ve created ultra- soft mattress protector that provide comfortable, silk-soft. All day, every day.


1) Anti-odor: eli,inates odors caused by microbes

2) Wicking: helps pull moisture awat from the body

3) Breathable: keeps you stay dry and gives you a great sleep experience


Everyone loves Cotton. You’ll love our Copper infused Cotton even more. Our Copper Infused Cotton fabric is anti-odor and moisture-wicking.


We have applied the copper infused cotton fabric to a wide range of our bedding like bed sheet, waterproof mattress protector, blanket, pillow case, eyes mask.

If you want to give us skin beauty while having quality sleep, try our copper infused and copper infused cotton bedding.

Learn more: Or Spring Hometextile video channel: Also can contact Tina at: [email protected]

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