Best Selling Pillowcase

In the previous blog, we have learned about several different types of pillowcases that we usually use. Today I would like to recommend a few of the best-selling pillowcases
from Spring Hometextile.

Polyester jersey fabric
Polyester jersey is a man-made fabric that stays wrinkle free – which is perfect if you don’t like ironing! It keeps its shape too so can withstand lots of washes and
tumble drying whilst maintaining quality.A long lasting and quick-drying option for those on a budget of both time and money, this pillowcase provides a cost-effective option
that doesn’t scrimp on quality.

100% Cotton fabric
100% Cotton fabric pillowcase are a natural product and so ideal if you want to avoid man-made fabrics. Cotton pillowcase is not only soft and smooth, but also much cooler
and durable.The higher the thread count the more luxurious the sleep, especially when it comes incorporated into a pillowcase made from superior combed cotton. This item
provides guests with a clean, crisp space to rest their head.

Terry towel fabric
Terry fabric has a cotton pile and is most commonly used to make bath towels – so is very soft on your skin. It has an uncut loop and is soft and breathable so ideal for summer.

Smartkool® jersey fabric
Our unique Smartkool® fabric provides a cooling solution that goes beyond traditional moisture management fabrics. Mica material mixing in yarns, enables Smartkool® fabric
transfer heat three times faster than normal fibers.

Bamboo jersery fabric
Bamboo jersey is anti-bacterial and also odour-resistant and it is a great choice for people with sensitive skin, especially problems with eczema or allergies. And it is also
absorbent and breathable.

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