Benefits of Using Wool Quilt to the Human Body

In the last blog, we introduced what is a wool quilt. In this issue, I will introduce to you the benefits of using wool quilts to the human body, and why you should choose to cover wool quilts in winter.

Benefits of Wool:

  1. Natural fiber and natural insulator, smoothly

Wool is actually a regulator. It regulates your body temperature the same way as it does on the sheep. When it is too hot the wool passes the heat mainly in the form of moisture from the sheep’s body out and when its cold its keeps the heat in.

2. Comfortable and breathable, moisture-wicking & temperature regulation

Wool is a natural insulator and regulates your body temperature. ​The tiny pockets withinthe wool become the same temperature as your body temperature and allow air to breathe. This allows you the perfect night’s sleep.

3.  Keeps you clean and healthy

Wool is Soft, naturally oil resistant, easy care and stays cleaner longer. It eliminates hot and cold spots that cause restless sleep, adds up to a better nights sleep. Extremely durable, long lasting. Friendly to allery sufferers, wool is naturally hypo-allergenic, thus it repels dust mites and wicks moisture for a more sound sleep.

This is why people choose to use wool quilt in winter, do you understand?

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