Bamboo Mattress Protector With Antibacterial Effect

In the last introduction of copper fiber contains antibacterial effect, there bamboo fiber can also be called true green products. Bamboo fiber contains an antibacterial substance named Bamboo Kun, with natural antibacterial, anti-mite, anti-odor drug properties. The antibacterial property of bamboo fiber has been tested by modern scientific testing methods. The same number of bacteria can be observed under the microscope. Bacteria can multiply in cotton and wood fiber products, the bacteria on the bamboo fiber products were killed about 75% after 24 hours. It also provides a choice of protective products against “COVID-19”.

Three outstanding advantages of using bamboo mattress protectors:

(1) Health (environmental protection)

Bamboo mattress protectors in the use of does not dry, wet, moldy, smelly and other undesirable phenomenon, its water absorption and permeability is 1.5 times ordinary mattress protector. It is soft to the touch and will not harden when used for long time. Clear water rinses can clear off peculiar smell, self-cleaning ability is strong.

(2) Save money (economy)

When people do personal hygiene, they no longer need chemical-related products, and their service life is 1 ~ 2 times longer than general mattress protectors, 2 ~ 4 times longer than other fibers.

(3) Save time (time saving)

One step when using bamboo mattress protectors towels for personal hygiene, eliminating one chemical stain. When doing home hygiene, it will not hurt the surface of the object, leaving no drops of water or small hairs.

Recently,the rapid increase in the rate of new crown pneumonia infections across the country has caused people’s fear. This virus made us realize that we should take antibacterial and environmental protection measures in all aspects of our lives. Fight COVID-19 , Spring Home Textile is with you!

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