Advantages of Tencel Bedding

Tencel® is a new viscose fiber produced by solvent spinning technology. Because the amine oxide solvent used in the production is completely harmless to the human body, it is almost completely recyclable and can be used repeatedly without by-products. Tencel fiber can be completely decomposed in the soil, no pollution to the environment, harmless to the ecology, and it is an environmentally friendly fiber. Various advantages make tencel fabric occupy an important position in the market. Nowadays, human beings have begun to like tencel pillowcases, tencel quilts, tencel mattress protectors…

Today we talking about the advantages of fabrics:

Tencel fabric not only has strong moisture absorption, but also has the strength that ordinary fiber does not have. At present, the strength of tencel fabric is similar to that of polyester.

1. Tencel has good stability and is not easy to shrink after washing.

2. Tencel fabric has good feel and luster, and the luster is better than cotton.

3. Tencel has the smooth and elegant characteristics of silk.

4. Air permeability and moisture absorption are also the main characteristics of tencel fabrics.

5. Tencel fabric has a touch similar to that of real silk. Among all the fabrics, the flexibility of real silk is relatively high.

6. Tencel is a pure natural material, and the fabric does not contain chemical substances. It is an environmentally friendly fabric, which is more in line with the current consumption concept of people.

7. The comfort of tencel fabric is comparable to cotton fabric, and the fabric has very good moisture absorption and breathability properties.

In summary, everyone should know why tencel bedding products are so popular! Our tencel mattress protector is very popular in the market, if you want to know, please contact me!

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