3D Technology-TPE Honeycomb Pillow

It is everyone’s deepest desire to make the neck more comfortable when sleeping. After all, adults are under pressure to survive and even sleep time is very limited. Therefore, we strive to root in the pillow market, hoping that every friend who has sleep problems can find the most suitable and high-quality pillow.

Today I would like to recommend our new product -TPE pillow, which is also called the no pressure pillow. This pillow is completely unfilled, and is made up hollow hexagons.,very soft to hold, and they feel very sci-fi.

  1. TPE is a high-tech material, which has extraordinary elasticity and stability, and can be adjusted to the pressure on your head and neck during sleep.
  2. Innovative hollow honeycomb shape, hollow-carved design.
  3. This TPE honeycomb surround pillow is comfortable and breathable, and can also relieve stress and improve sleep quality.
  4. Grid design can ensure good heat dissipation and air permeability.
  5. Safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, widely used in the field of medical materials and maternal and child supplies field.
  6. Mesh-shaped hyperplastic polymers, which provide strong supporting forces.

Our materials are very full,  some TPE pillows reduce the amount of raw materials used in order to save costs, and even mix other ingredients , making it lighter, there is no difference in appearance, but the internal structural stability is obvious different.

If you want to have a pillow for better sleep, hope can choose us!

Learn more: https://www.springtextile.com/sleep-smarts/products-286.html, Or Spring Home textile video channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOLmw_U3tcM, also can contact Angel at:  [email protected].



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