Why Choose Bamboo Pillow?

The market is filled with basic cotton pillows, so you might be wondering why you should spend money and purchase a bamboo pillow. With such a wide range of following benefits,you might understand it.One of the major reasons why consumers choose bamboo is because it’s an eco-friendly material. It grows up to 4 feet per day so comes back almost as fast as you can cut it down and it gives off 35% more oxygen than other plants. Plus it grows very densely so less space is needed for the plantations and you no harmful chemicals get used treating it. Since these pillows are made with organic materials that come from natural sources, they’re safer, cleaner, more comfortable and offer enhanced breathability.

If you live in a warmer climate, you’ve probably had many nights of restless sleep. To get high-quality, restorative sleep, your body must be comfortable, which means the temperature must be right.Actually,bamboo pillow has the ability to wick away moisture from your head while you sleep to keep your pillow fresh and cooling.

Many alternative pillows don’t have acceptable breathability, so they have extreme difficulty keeping you cool at night. Bamboo pillows are different because they have great ventilation.

With natural antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties, pillows made with bamboo materials are ideal for allergy sufferers. They help to repel dust mites and keep allergies under control.

They can even be adjusted to fit your desired sleeping style. Most bamboo products support sleeping in almost any position, so it’s easy to get high-quality sleep.

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