Choosing the Best Mattress Protector For Your Hotel

Bed bug incidents in hotel rooms are becoming increasingly more common. Hotel guests, news reporters and social media boards are all taking notice. A recent article in warns that Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms Are on the Rise. As a hotelier what can you do to protect not only your mattress, but your guests who are sleeping on them? When it comes to bed bugs, protection begins with your mattress and box spring; two places where bed bugs strike most frequently.

Finding the best bed bug mattress cover can be a good first step to prevention, assist in the early detection of bed bugs and become an essential component of an ongoing bed bug program. You will quickly find out that not all mattress covers are created equal. Here is the features to compare encasement and mattress liners:

• Determine what is most important for you to protect: the person sleeping on the mattress, Anti-bedbug bedding.the mattress itself or both. Some covers offer protection to just the mattress or box spring; encasements are one example of bedding-only protection. Just as their name suggests an encasement fully encases the mattress preventing bed bugs from infesting it. This does not prevent bed bugs from infesting the surfaces of the encasement where people sleep; it simply protects the mattress. Encasements are also available for the box spring, a major repository for bed bugs. However, they are highly prone to ripping and tearing given the sharp edges associated with bed frames. Once encasements are damaged, they cannot be repaired.

• If you are looking for a cover that kills bed bugs, you effectively have one option. Active mattress liners are specially formulated with an active ingredient built-in that kill bed bugs. Encasements rely on starvation of bed bugs, typically over a one-year period, and only for those bed bugs trapped inside. This also assumes that the encasement has not been ripped or torn through use, rendering it no longer useful. Encasements have no impact on bed bugs on its surface or on the outside.

• Ease of installation is typically an important factor particularly in cases where you have a large number of beds to cover. For these circumstances, consider a liner that can be installed as easily as a fitted sheet and does not disturb hotel operating efficiency. Encasements typically require two people for installation and require lifting of the mattress and/or box spring. So you need a encasement which is easy to install.

Finding the best bed bug mattress cover for you and your hotel’s needs doesn’t have to be difficult. For more information about bed bugs in hotels and mattress covers, visit

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