Why Bamboo-polyester Blended Fabric Excellent Than 100% Bamboo Fiber Fabric?

First, let’s understand why different fibers are blended, usually for the following purposes:

  1. Functional purpose. For example, cotton has a good function of absorbing and releasing moisture, but its strength is relatively weak, and its elasticity is poor and easy to wrinkle. Polyester has good strength and strong elasticity. So the blending of the two can complement each other.
  2. Purpose of spinnability. Viscose such as bamboo fiber and other pure spinning have poor spinnability, the spinning process is easy to break, so the production efficiency is low. Spinnability can be improved by blending with other fibers.
  3. Economic purposes. For example, flax fiber is very expensive, and weaving some heavy fabrics with pure linen yarn will make the price very high. If it is mixed with hemp and cotton yarn spun from cotton, it can be used for weaving, and the price can be greatly reduced.

Why do we use bamboo fiber and polyester for blending?

Bamboo fiber only uses bamboo as raw materials, and does not add any synthetic antibacterial agents during the processing, which is green and eco-friendly. It is natural antibacterial, deodorant and UV protection, and is an excellent material for making home textile fabrics. Polyester fiber has the characteristics of high strength and wear resistance. The blending of bamboo fiber and polyester fiber not only highlights the good elasticity, smoothness and excellent drape of bamboo pulp fiber, natural antibacterial effect and good moisture absorption and ventilation characteristics, but also makes up for the lack of low strength and poor wear resistance of bamboo fiber. The fabric has the characteristics of stiffness, smoothness and good shape retention.

Therefore, developing blended yarns with complementary characteristics of bamboo and polyester fibers has broad market prospects.

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  1. Hello, hope to find you well. I am an owner of a female clothing line and I want to use this material for athletic wear. Was wondering your opinion on that if you had any advice on blends or do you know anybody else making anything like that? Thank you very much for your time. Brian-James. 970-485-2040

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