Which quick dry fabric to choose for waterproof mattress protector?

One of the main function for mattress protector is to avoid liquid and maintain a good sleeping environment. Among all the mattress protectors we use, which is material has the best quick dry effect?

As a mattress protector manufacturer for over 15 years, Spring home textile gives the best answer in their in house lab. The marketing manager Allen Wu picked 5 most common used fabric for mattress protectors: cotton terry, cotton jersey, tencel jersey, polyester jersey and flannel. All these fabrics selected in same weight, laminated, and ready to make finished mattress protectors.

Same amount of water were dropped on the the fabric in almost same time. And after 2mins, the test dry effect were out of most people’s expectation.

The polyester jersey was expected to be the quickest drying one, because in daily life, polyester shirt always drying quickly comparing with other clothes.

But the result for best quick dry fabric is —– Flannel, which performance even better than pure cotton jersey.


As a mattress protector manufacturer for over 15 years. We would like to discover the story behind each piece of fabric, and share it with you. Because we believe that great bedding products are made by experts and testified in daily life.

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