Renewable Natural Fiber-Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo mat is suitable for summer bedding, however, it is very distressing to have markings on one’s face after sleeping. To solve this problem, we found bamboo fiber. Bamboo fibers are cellulose fibers extracted from bamboo and are the fifth-largest natural fiber after cotton, linen, wool, and silk. As a renewable and eco-friendly source of native cellulose fibers, bamboo fibers have received widespread attention due to their advantages and in recent years, their development and utilization has been on the rise.

Bamboo fiber is the bast fiber obtained from the bamboo stem, also known as natural bamboo fiber. The cross-section of bamboo fiber is naturally hollow and filled with irregularly sized gaps along the surface that have cracking edges, most of which are irregular circles, the capillary effect is significant, which can absorb and evaporate moisture within a short period of time. This fully demonstrates the hygroscopic of bamboo fiber, also known as “breathable fiber”.

The internal structure of bamboo fiber make it have good moisture absorption, moisture discharge and breathable properties, UV-resistant, and other functions, suitable for making textiles that come into close contact with human skin, such as clothing, underwear, towels, and bedding. Textiles are the most widely applicable area of bamboo fiber. In this era of attention to health, bamboo fiber pillow core, bamboo fiber mattress inner core, bamboo fiber baby mattress series, bamboo fiber outdoor products are very popular in the market. In next blog, I will recommend our new product-Bamboo Fiber Three Fold Mattress, Bamboo Fiber Four Fold Mattress.

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