The Differences between Tencel and Cotton

As we have introduced in previous blog, we have learned what is Tencel. But do you know what’s the difference between Tencel and Cotton? Actually, The main differences between them can be broadly broken down into following categories.

  • Environmental Impacts

Tencel is typically sourced from renewable eucalyptus trees. Making fabric from wood pulp is sometimes more efficient than from cotton plants. The growing and cultivating of these eucalyptus trees keeps an eye toward staying environmentally conscious, reducing the need for pesticides or irrigation.Very little water is needed for the production of Tencel. But as for cotton is the large amount of water it needs to be produced. Furthermore, Tencel is made with a closed loop process. In this, loose fibers are recycled back into the material, it means it’s a very low waste method of creating fabric.

  • Hygiene

Tencel is made of very tiny little fibres which are hydrophilic – literally “water loving.” This means it absorbs moisture away from skin.Nonetheless, cotton is also very breathable and generally non-irritating on the skin, and hypoallergenic.

  • Cooling

The hydrophilic quality of Tencel means it’s much more efficient at keeping the body cooler while sleeping, working well in a wide variety of climates. It feels extremely breathable, as all night time sweat is wicked away from the body. Coolness may be a deciding factor for those with high body temperatures who find that gives them trouble sleeping. Cotton is also a comfortable beddig collection in terms of heat, thanks to its breathability. Although it isn’t as absorbent as Tencel, for the majority of us it managed body temperature perfectly.

  • Comfort

Tencel fabric tends to be softer than cotton. This softness is because it has a very smooth surface up close. This not only feels good, but also makes it very non-irritating even to sensitive skin. Of course, cotton can also make for an extremely comfortable bed sheet, and it typically becomes softer and smoother over time.

  • Durability

Tencel is typically less wrinkly than cotton, and fairly easy to care for. It washes well – clothes made of Tencel less likely to shrink or misshape in the wash. Plus it’s very long lasting and not prone to becoming thin over time. Cotton, also is durable, and unique in the fact it can actually improve with time. A set of cotton sheets can last up to fifty years!

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