The Common Sense That Must Know When Buying Bedding

Housewares are indispensable daily necessities in people’s lives, as well as necessary products to ensure a good sleep and create a good home atmosphere. Bedding, consumption is a quality of life, is also a mood of life, if you buy a very ideal bedding, will naturally bring comfortable feeling to life.

Then to teach choice from these aspects:


Bedding had better choose pure cotton or silk fabric, because natural cotton fiber has very good close skin sex, air permeability, and is relatively safe and comfortable. The flannel fabric has  better warmth retention and is very suitable for winter use.


Generally fine workmanship products, smooth cloth, fine texture, sewing is also more uniform. Consumers can judge the quality of sewing from whether the stitches are uniform and fine, whether there are thread ends, or jumpers. Yarn count and density are an important criterion for testing quality and durability.

3.The color

The color of bedding in the purchase also need to pay special attention to, it is best to give priority to light color, such color fastness, amine dye exceed the standard risk is small. If you choose a darker color, you can rub a napkin on the printed or dyed surface a few times. If there is obvious staining, it means that the quality is not good.

4.The design and color

Designs and colors are also exquisite when printed on fabrics. Commonly used are printing, embroidery and jacquard. Compared with printing, embroidery is not easy to fade when washing, and has the characteristics of breathable, hygroscopic, and jacquard technology is complex, good quality and higher cost.

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