[PDF]Product Catalogue 2017 – Spring Hometextile

spring-hometextile-product-catalogue-2017For more than a decade, Spring Hometextile has worked ceaselessly to further our research and developing innovative bedding products to improve sleep experience.

This year, we are proud to introduce featured products to support your business to the next level. These innovations are staying close to consumer trends, to make your business development easier.Please find Spring Hometextile Product Catologue 2017 in the following content.

As always, we back our products with strict quality control system and customer service. From the manufacturing floor to our sales managers, we set the bar high because we know that you need more than a high-quality manufacturer, you need a partner.


Mattress Protector – Spring Hometextile Product Catalogue 2017


Mattress Toppers – Spring Hometextile Product Catalogue 2017


Duvets & Quilts – Spring Hometextile Product Catalogue 2017


Pillows Protectors – Spring Hometextile Product Catalogue 2017accessories-spring-hometextile-product-catalogue2017

Accessories – Spring Hometextile Product Catalogue 2017

Huangshan Spring Hometextile Group has 2 factories, both located in Huangshan, Anhui province, cover an area of  28000 ㎡ . Snuggle bedding factory specialized in filled bedding products, including pillow, duvet, quilt and blanketStar bedding factory targets on waterproof products, including mattress protector and laminated fabrics.You may find out more about our company from our website- www.springtextile.com.

This video might give you a overview about Huangshan Spring Hometextile: Bedding Manufacturer Tour.

For business enquiries, please write to us on : [email protected]

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