Mattress Protectors are a Necessity for Every Bed

Mattress is necessity in our life, we cannot do without it every night to sleep, and we also need to protect and maintain it in our daily life. The mattress protector is a layer of bedding products covering the mattress, which can not only protect the cleanliness of the mattress, but also create a healthy and clean sleeping environment. Why is it that a mattress protector is a necessity for every bed?

1) The human body metabolizes about 250 ml of water (about 1 bottle of mineral water) every night, 90% of which is absorbed by the mattress, and the mattress protector can prevent the mattress from absorbing too much water.

2) The human body metabolizes millions of dander cells per hour on average, and a large amount of dander accumulates in the mattress during sleep, and the mattress protector can play a good isolation role.

3) Since the mattress is not like ordinary clothes that can be washed or exposed to the sun at any time, the long-term precipitation in the mattress (sweat and other dirt), human dander, etc. will make the mattress a breeding ground for mites and bacteria, except Damage the hygiene and service life of the mattress, and directly affect the health of sleepers! But with a mattress protector, there is no problem that it is difficult to clean and dry.

4) The mattress protector can form a protective wall outside the mattress to keep the mattress bedding sanitary and clean, while also creating a healthy sleeping space for people!

It can be seen that the mattress protector is still very necessary for the mattress, and it can also ensure our sleep health. Generally, good quality mattresses are recommended to use the mattress protector. We should also pay attention to use in our daily life, to protect our sleep hygiene, and also to protect the mattress itself.

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