Introducing Templock™ Temperature Regulating Duvet

Secure and regulate your sleep temperature with Spring Hometextile newly developed TemperLock™ winter duvet.. Lighter but warmer, ideal for winter usage.

Featuring with:

Temperature regulating fiber layer;

Heat locking zone temperature regulating fiber layer;

fluffy hypoallergenic fiber fill.

With V-curve shape heat locking quilting design, the Temperlock™ duvet divided into two zones: heat lock zone and temperature balance zone.  The heat lock zone is delicately filled with 350gsm hypoallergenic synthetic fiber.

The temperature regulating zone added with 60gsm Springcell® temperature regulating fiber, which stays close to the body.

The whole duvet, cover with 100% 250TC cotton fabric, comes with elegance self piping and single stitch.

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