How to Make US Mattress Protector Sourcing Cheaper Than China

As a really interesting article I have read this morning, I have acquired better understanding for manufacturing.

If done right, as mentioned in the article, it could be cheaper to make a shoe in America than to make that same shoe in China. The idea may sound dubious, but Keen Footwear is already proving the concept.

Speaking at the Footwear Sourcing Intelligence Summit put on by the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA) in New York Tuesday, an American shoe company throw out the concept: it is possibilities for U.S. footwear manufacturing cheaper than sourcing from Asia.

With a 14-year-old factory in Portland, the company planning to bring shoe-making knowledge back to the USA.

Duty considerations play a major role in driving price as duties for footwear reach as high as 37.5%, though the average duty on consumer goods hovers right around 2 percent.

Take the same shoe being made by bots in the U.S., and the time to make it comes down to 27 minutes. The cost per minute is $0.32, which brings the total labor cost to $8.64 and there’s no duty, which brings the shoe’s production cost to $8.64.

it would be cheaper to make the shoe in American than in China.

For this scenario to play out in any major way, companies would need to expand their automation capabilities to reduce direct labor costs, improve on production planning, flexibility in production and streamlining product flow through the factory.

Huangshan Spring Hometextile is a specialist with 12 years manufacturing experience for waterproof mattress protectors, bed bug encasements, pillow protectors and laminated fabrics.

The  brand is currently working on Phase II of its Portland footwear factory evolution, which is to create special styles designed for U.S. manufacturing with robots, like the Uneek. Phase III, the company hopes to reach by the end of next year, will be to achieve end-to-end manufacturing with zero reliability on overseas components and realize a three- to four-week turnaround from order to X-factory out of its Portland facility.

As a mattress protector manufacturer in China, here are some point to make:

1.For waterproof mattress protector, there are some parts, like skirts making or rubber band binding, are impossible to make using machine, at least for now, for current market designs. Thanks to delicate hands of Chinese workers, they making every stitch and corner finish perfect.

2.In home textile is a different sector to footwear, the tariff are not as high as the shoes at the moment.

3. China’s fabric mills are gathering together, which gives better options and lower price for finish product factory.

After all, in the near future, it is still not possible for US manufacturer cheaper than China in mattress protector industry.

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