How to Choose a Baby Sleeping Bag?

Summer is here, which means that your baby may begin waking at night (especially in the wee hours of the morning) because he’s hot. Cover the baby with a blanket to sleep, blowing the air conditioner, and worry about the baby kicking the blanket, causing colds and diseases. However, it’s a simple sleep problem to solve – it’s time for a sleeping bag.

Sleeping is very important to your baby ’s health and well-being. In fact, good sleeping habits start from birth. How to keep your baby sleeping heahty. You can choose a baby sleeping bag. So how to choose a baby sleeping bag?

1) Material

The material of the baby sleeping bag is best to use bamboo fiber material, because bamboo fiber has the functions of antibacterial and anti-mite, breathable perspiration, regulating body temperature, and is very durable, soft and warm, suitable for baby to use in summer.

2) Style

The split-leg sleeping bag can not only be used for sleeping, but also can be worn like clothes to run around without being tied up. The split-leg design can directly change urine or diapers, which is not only convenient, but also avoids causing colds, etc.

3) Size

Choose the size of the sleeping bag, choose the one that suits the baby, and the one that fits best is adjusted according to the individual of the baby. Choose a better quality, you can use it for a few years without problems.

4) Smell

When buying a sleeping bag, you should smell if there is a strong smell. If you feel pungent and strange, I suggest giving up. The safety of the baby is the most important.

5) Color

Try to buy light-colored or solid-colored sleeping bags. The colors are too bright, complex sleeping bags may contain dyes, which are not good for your baby’s health.


Generally speaking, you only need to prepare 2~3 in summer, just enough to change and wash.

In the next blog, I will specifically introduce your benefits of using a baby sleeping bag remember to follow me at any time.

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