How Much Do You Know About Children’s Sleep Patterns And Sleeping Tips

It is necessary for all living creatures to have a sleep. As we all know, sleep-wake cycles, also called as the Circadian rhythms, are regulated by light and dark.

For babies, a regular sleep-wake cycle begins to get a development from their six weeks old to three or six months old. Some factors will cause inappropriate circadian rhythms. To prevent this from happening, parents should be understand on how to develop the best baby sleep patterns. The following healthy sleeping tips for every age group will give you a great help.

For newborns (1-2 months old), they nearly sleep around the clock, which are expected to have a sleep for about 10.5 to 18 hours every day. In addition, their sleep time last a few minutes to several hours. When asleep, they will have various activities, such as smiling, sucking, twitching of arms and legs, etc.

The tips on newborn sleeping: 1. Had better put babies on their back with head and face free from any blankets or other items; 2. Put them to sleep in the crib when they are drowsy, not asleep; 3.Try to develop their night time sleep;

For infants (3-11 months old), the feeding times will decrease at night and many of them can sleep through the whole night. In their infancy, they can sleep 9-12 hours at night and have 1-4 nap times a day. When they turn one years old, nap times will also reduce.

Tips on infant sleep: 1.Develop consistent bedtime routine; 2. Develop regular sleep schedules for bedtime and daytime; 3. Nurture their independent sleeping habit;

For toddler (1-3 years old), they needs 12-14 hours’ sleep every day, which include 1-2 hours’ nap. At this age, they start to appear some sleep problems, such as resistance to go to bed, nightmares, night time awakening and fears. In order to avoid such problems, the following problems should be followed: Try to establish a more consistent daily sleep schedule; Create the same bedroom environment every night; Encourage using a security object like a stuffed animal;

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