Hot New Trend-Never Go Flat Pillow

Today I will introduce to you our new design pillow-never go flat pillow, this pillow is a box shape with a height, special for patients with cervical spine, and people with sleep disorders. This pillow designed to promote a temporary increase in blood flow, fibers promote increased performance, faster recovery time from physical activity and help to promote restful sleep.


★ Great for all sleepers.

★ Reversible for 2 distinct comforts.

★ Bed bug, allergen and dust mite resistant.

Prevents stiffness in neck.

★ Gusset design, enhance the supportive for the pillow.

★ Machine washable.

If you are interested in this pillow, please contact us!

Learn more:,Or Spring Home textile video channel: , also can contact Angel at:[email protected].



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