Bamboo & GRS Polyester Blended Mattress Protector

We are a factory which has specialized in waterproof products and lamitanation fabric for more than 20years with the following advantage:

  1. we knit the terry cloth and some jersey fabric and do lamianation by ourself ;
  2. our products are highly customized according to your demands;
  3. we have our own lab and do wash test before bulk production ;
  4. we can provide insert card and label design service;
  5. we have oeko-tex certificate for our products.

I can’t wait to recommend our new product — Bamboo & GRS Polyester Blended Mattress Protector to you. It is excellent with the following features:

  • Eco-friendly: bamboo grows quickly and uses less water, GRS polyester is a renewable material.
  • Gentle on skin: supremely soft and hypoallergenic.
  • Naturally antibacterial: it contains a naturally antimicrobial which is anti-bacterial.
  • Temperature regulating capability: keep you cool in summer and snug in winter.
  • Not easy to deform: it will become softer after each wash.
  • Price advantage: more economical than the 100% bamboo fiber fabric.

Learn more: Or Spring Home textile video channel:  Also can contact Tina at: [email protected]

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