Application of Milk Fabric in Bedding

Milk fiber has a broad application prospect in the home textile industry, and can be well used in the production of bed sheet, duvet cover, pillowcases, summer quilts and other bedding products.


1) Milk fiber bed sheet

Milk fiber has better moisture absorption and breathability, and the active protein component in milk fiber has good affinity with human skin, it is suitable for the production of bed sheets and quilts.

2) Milk fiber pillowcase

Milk fiber has natural and long-lasting antibacterial function, and it has a very high broad-spectrum bacteriostasis rate for common Staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans, fungi, and mold in life. Therefore, milk fiber can be effectively used in towels, bath towels, pillow covers and other products to prevent the growth of bacteria.

3) Milk fiber quilt

Milk fiber also can be used to make quilts. 100% pure milk fiber flakes are fluffy and soft, warm and elastic, and soft and shiny. It also can be used by mixing milk silk with silk. The milk fiber has three-dimensional multi-gap and the specific gravity is smaller than silk. Therefore, the product is very light and soft, especially suitable for making spring and summer light quilt.

Milk fiber is playing an important role in bedding with the effect of anti-virus!

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