3 Tips for Cleaning a Waterproof Mattress Protector

According to sleep research, 75% of people think they sleep better on clean, fresh-smelling sheets. Therefore, it is important to keep your mattress clean with the help of a waterproof mattress protector! Here are three top tips for cleaning waterproof mattress protector.

1. Check the label

How to clean a waterproof mattress protector depends largely on the manufacturer’s recommendations. In most cases, using a washing machine and adjusting the settings to wash your mattress protector is ideal. In other cases, machine washing is not recommended. Read the label and follow all recommendations for the type of detergent on the label. To ensure the mattress protector lasts as long as possible.

2. Pretreat stains

If your mattress protector is stained, be sure to pretreat it before putting it in the washing machine or hand washing it, such as trying a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda. Using a simple mixture of soap and water and rubbing the lids together can also remove stains. As is the case with most stains, the sooner you take action, the less time it will take for the stain to set. The best way to keep your mattress protector in the best possible condition is to wash it manually. For bamboo mattress protectors, this will be enough to preserve its longevity.

3. Allow it to air dry for 24 hours

Once you’re satisfied with the mattress protector’s cleanliness, allow it to air dry for at least 24 hours before placing it back on your mattress.

Frequently mattress protector washing ensures one’s bed is fresh and clean. These tips ensure the waterproof mattress protector comes out of the cleaning process in one piece! For more information about waterproof mattress protector, be sure to contact spring home textile.

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