Mattress Encasements Buying Guide (Part 1)

Whether you’re operating a dormitory, 5 star hotel, or healthcare facility, bed bug infestations can happen at any time without warning. These tiny blood-thirsty pests are difficult to treat and can damage the reputation that you’ve worked so hard to earn. Act proactively, ensure sanitation, and allow your guests to sleep tight by investing in protective bedding. Our selection of bed bug mattress encasement and pillow encasement will provide you with what you need to keep your establishment bed bug free!

I keep my establishment clean, so I don’t have to worry about bed bugs, right? Unfortunately, due to increase in international travel, these pests are catching a ride on luggage, clothing, and other personal items, hitchhiking their way back to residential homes, dorm rooms, hotels, and other overnight facilities. Many establishments try to prevent bed bug contamination with personal belongings by providing rooms and residents with luggage racks to keep luggage off possibly infested carpeting and floors; however, not all establishments provide these racks, and not all residents will use them. So regardless of an establishment’s efforts and cleanliness, bed bugs can and will infest any environment. However, bed bugs are attracted to clutter because it allows them to hide in tiny crevices similar to the wrinkles found in our bed sheets. While the level of a facility’s sanitation may not spark an infestation, it will impact the ability to control or eliminate it. Anyone is at risk; and that’s why it is extremely important to protect your mattresses, box springs, and pillows with our selection of bed bug encasements and other supplies.

Mattress and Pillow Encasements

One of the most effective ways of not only treating bed bug infestations, but preventing them as well, is to furnish your beds with mattress encasements and pillow encasements. By encasing the box spring, mattress, and pillow, it is now virtually impossible for bed bugs to enter or escape due to the encasement’s design.

An encasement completely covers the top, bottom, and sides of your box spring or mattress. This design keeps any existing bugs you may have trapped inside the encasement, cutting them off from access to blood –their primary survival source. It also keeps any other bugs that may be hiding on bed rails, carpet, luggage, or other items in the room from entering the mattress or box spring. As outside bed bugs try to infest your mattress, the mattresses encasement makes these small, flat, brownish colored pests more noticeable than they would be on your bed sheets. Simply place the encasement over your mattress and leave it there long term. Your hotel sheets, bed sheets, or other blankets and covers can then be placed directly on top.

Not only are encasements a reactive method for treating bed bug infestations, they’re also the most trusted method for preventing them. By immediately purchasing encasements for your bed sets before use, you are protecting your establishment in the long run, because the longer an infestation goes without being noticed and treated, the harder and more expensive it is to exterminate the issue. Besides the difficulty of treating an infestation, any word of bed bugs in your facility wreaks havoc on your reputation. Bed bugs are an issue and are one of the first things guests look for when reading reviews and searching for an overnight venue. With this in mind, finding the most effective encasement can be a difficult task.

How to find the best mattress/pillow encasement? For further details, please focus on the next blog, or you can talk with the editor, she can solve your troubles about choosing mattress encasement.

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