Spring Care - We care about our employee and environment

From sourcing raw material from all over the world, to needle each one individually in our factory in Huangshan, China, we take proud in every process we craft our fabric and fillings. We located our factory in Huangshan, China. With sensationally gorgeous landscape, Huangshan area was nominated by UNESCO as World Nature and Culture Heritage. We are proud to be part of the city, and care about well-being of local community.

We believe that our greatest asset is our employees, and prioritize their health and well-being. Instead building factories in big cities, we offer short distance working opportunities for local people so they are able to spend more time with their families and stay positive. With the enthusiasm of our employees, brands, as well as our own philanthropic efforts, we strive to make a positive difference in all the communities where we live and work.

Spring today adopts eco-friendly packaging and makes the process of production as environment-friendly as possible. We reached a industry-leading achievement of zero pollution. We are committed to approach zero hazard emission to air and water, in making our factory hundred percent green. We also approaches the four ‘R’ approach of reducing, reusing, recovering or recycling, proving that waste can be seen as a resource with many alternative uses, from converting factory waste to building materials to composting food waste from staff cafeterias.

Quality Guarantee

  • Fabric and coverings medically tested to ensure they pose no risk to the body and skin.

  • Fabrics and coverings free from bleaching and dyeing.

  • Materials subject to stringent hazardous substance check.

  • Products categorized as “class 1” by Oeko Test® standard 100 and other testing authorities.