Smartex® is a Spring registered trademark for high performance film with excellent waterproof and breathable properties. With its hydrophilic structure, Smartex® allows rapid evaporation and evacuation of sweat moisture.

Smartex® also offers a unique combination of strength, elasticity and flexibility, made it suitable for lamination bedding products.

With more durable and three time more breathable than normal PU, our Smartex® remains its low costs with approximately same price to normal PU materials.

Overview of Smartex® Products:
// Smartex® Mattress Protector
// Smartex® Pillow Protector
// Smartex® Sofa Cover


  • Durable in wash
  • Three times more breathable than PU
  • Competitive lower price
  • Waterproof

How we craft our mattress protectors

    Due to the microporous structure of Smartex® membrane is at the heart,  all of Smartex®  protectors  are featured with waterproof, hyper-breathable and anti-dust mite. By laminating with diverse supporting materials, we can always craft product series  that are suitable  for your market.

    All Smartex® Protectors Comes With 3 Features:Waterproof , Anti-dust mite and Super-breathable. By laminating with diverse supporting materials, we made our product series suitable for more occasions.