Fabric & Raw Material

Spring fabrics provide the ultimate quality and style in high-performance design. No matter what styles of your bedding are, it has never been easier with Spring fabric and raw materials. Shop the largest selection of Spring fabrics and raw materials to gain inspiration for your next project.       

At Spring we believe the fabric to be part of the quintessential blueprint for comfort design. In guarantee our product quality, a large number of fabric are made by our own. Check our fabric and raw material, and get your ideal supply with competitive price.


  • 【Fabric】House crafted Terry fabric

    Variable weight available

  • 【Fabric】Smartkool® cool to the touch fabric

    Mica material mixing in yarns, enables Smartkool fabric transfer heat three times faster than nomal fibers. Options on lamination or plain.
  • 【Fabric】Springcell™ temperature regulating fabric

    Available in various weight and supporting material.
  • 【Fabric】Smartex waterproof fabric

    Available in various supporting material.
  • 【Fiber】Springcell™ temperature regulation fiber

    Available in various mixing material.

    Mixing with wool;

    Mixing with down;

    Mixing with hollow fiber;

    Mixing with micro fiber. 

  • 【Fabric】Customized 3D Embossed

    Customized 3D embossed fabric on diverse material.

    Customized 3D embossed fabric on diverse material.