What Is a Water Pillow?

What Is a Water Pillow?
The obvious answer is a pillow filled with water, but in fact, there’s more than that mean. Digging under their soft surface, you will find water pillows consist of an area to hold water and a layer of polyester fiber to prevent any leakage. They may also be made from memory foam or a synthetic down fabric.

The Advantages.

– Heat Retention
Do you know why most of people prefer to have a cool pillow to lay your head on at night? Research has revealed that keeping your room at a cooler temperature can help you get a better night’s sleep, along with a few other health benefits like boosting metabolism. The decrease in temperature will offer a peaceful sleep for us .

In order to stop heat from transferring to the layer of water,we will added synthetic layer In a water pillow to keep the temperature lower. Some water pillows also use gel to improve their breathability, which also can helps to maintain a lower temperature.

– Spine Support

In a study comparing water based pillows to conventional types, 50 subjects found relief from their cervical pain while enjoying a longer night’s sleep. Since water is displaced in a way that contours to your neck and head, the top of the spine is supported in a what is called a neutral position.So, even if you move around during the night, changing your position, the water will move with you to provide support no matter how you end up in the morning.

– Hypoallergenic Advantage
Those with asthma or who are prone to allergies might find that a water pillow will help to alleviate their symptoms.

The Disadvantages
Every coin has two sides, there are also some disadvantages about water pillow.

– Get Heavy
The first is their weight, because they are filled with water. Some water pillow can weigh up to 15 pounds.

– Swishing Noises
While some water pillows make a “swishing” noise, most users say that they don’t notice a thing. You can help keep your pillow silent by making sure all of the air has been removed from the water pouch. All you have to do is apply a little pressure before placing the cap back on, just like you would remove the air from a zip lock sandwich bag.

– Durability
Compared to the other types pillow such as feather pillows,polyester pillows,these are much more durable and have a lengthy lifespan than water pillow.

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